Skip Logic determines whether a questions is SHOWN or SKIPPED based on the user's answer to a Multiple Choice question.

To set up Skip Logic:

  1. Create a Multiple Choice question that will determine if subsequent questions are shown or skipped.
  2. ​Create the follow up questions. Follow up questions can be any iCapture question type, but MUST come AFTER the Multiple Choice question in your questions list.
  3. Click the Skip Logic icon (located between the question number and the question text in your question list) of the question that will be shown or skipped based on user input. Skip Logic eligible questions will show the Skip Logic icon in dark gray.
  4. In Select the prior question(s) which contain answer(s) on which this rule is dependent, select your Multiple Choice question from the drop down menu in the white box.
  5. In How must the user have answered in previous question select the ANSWER from the Multiple Choice question that the user must have SELECTED or NOT SELECTED for this question to show.
  6. Click Submit Rule.

The Skip Logic icon will now be highlighted green in your questions list, indicating that a Skip Logic rule has been applied to the question

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