To setup auto-reply emails, first log into your iCapture Back Office:

  1. Click the name of the questionnaire to edit
  2. On the Questionnaire Overview click on Edit Questionnaire
  3. Click the Emails tab
  4. Click Create New Email next to the email type you'd like to create (HTML Auto-Reply Emails* or Text Auto-Reply Emails)
  5. Give the action a name (ie. Trade Show 2015 auto reply)
  6. Edit the email fields to customize your message.
  7. Merge fields from your Questionnaire by clicking and dragging the Question boxes at the top and bottom of the page into the email body
  8. Click Save Settings and Return to Actions Menu

At this point your auto-reply is active and will begin sending emails immediately. If you are not ready to start sending emails, simply click the Inactivate button. Click Activate when you are ready for emails to begin sending. You can easily identify if a email is active or not by looking at the colored square to the left of the action name. Green box is active and Red box is inactive.

Note: Emails will not be sent to any captures that were received before the email auto-reply email was created or while it is not in active status. 

*HTML Emails allow the use of images, tables, and formatting using HTML code for an email template. These are only available on our Pro Plus plans or higher.

This feature is available on the following plans:

• Pro
• Pro Plus
• Powerscan
• Enterprise

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