You can create a rule and have it triggered based off of an answer of a multiple choice question or to every capture received. The rule can be assigned to either a Auto-Reply email, Push Notification email, or a list assignment for an integration.

To setup a rule, do the following:

  1. Click on the name of the questionnaire to edit
  2. Click on Edit Questionnaire
  3. Click on either the Integrations, Emails, or Notifications tab
  4. In the Data Segmentation Rules section, click on Create New Rule (or click on View/Edit next to a rule to edit an existing rule)
  5. Name your rule in the Rule Name box something that works for you, relating to the answer/action
  6. Next you can setup a rules based off of a set of IN and NOT IN statements. Select the Multiple choice answer that you want to trigger the rule. IN statements will include all captures that fit that criterium, NOT IN statements will include all captures that don't fit that criterium. Example: For a Yes/No question, if NOT IN is set for No, all captures that didn't select No will fit the rule criterium. 
  7. Click Submit New Rule

This rule can now be selected in the Assign Rule function for Auto-Reply Emails, Push Notifications, and List Assignments.

This feature is available on the following plans:

• Pro Plus
• Powerscan
• Enterprise

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