iCapture users have the ability to verify business card data before downloading your spreadsheet, triggering automated emails or pushing to a CRM. Captures will need to be verified if a required contact field was not found in the original transcription of the business card (e.g. missing an email address). Required contact fields are set on the Settings page of the questionnaire setup.

All business cards with character based languages (Chinese, Japanese, Thai, etc) will require manual verification.

Also, if the Verify Each Transcription feature is turned on in the questionnaire set up, you must review and submit every card that is captured. (see How to force manual Verification on every business card you capture in your questionnaire at the bottom of this article)

How to Verify the transcribed data of your business card captures

  1. The Questionnaire Summary will display a message if there are business cards to verify in the queue
  2. Click the Review button
  3. This page will display a row for each card that needs to be verified. Click on Edit to verify the card
  4. Review the image of the card and add or edit the contact information as needed.
  5. Click Submit

Once the card is submitted from the verification queue, all post capture actions will trigger (e.g. integrations, auto reply emails, etc.)

How to force manual verification on every business card captured on the questionnaire

  1. On the Questionnaire Summary, click on the Setup button on the Capturing Data window
  2. Under the Business Card section ensure that Verify Each Transcription is turned on
  3. Click on Save Changes

This feature is available on the following plans:

  • PowerScan Lite
  • PowerScan X
  • Enterprise Power
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