Important: Make sure all data has been uploaded from your device(s) before doing this.

  1. Login to your iCapture Back Office
  2. Click the name of the questionnaire you want to select a winner from
  3. Click on Captured Data
  4. Click on the Click to Pick-a-Winner button
  5. Select All Captures or select a date range. If using a date range provide the dates you want the winners to be selected from.
  6. Select the number of winners from 1-50
  7. Click Pick Winners Now
  8. Wait for the the winners list to be returned. If you entered an email address the list of winners will also be sent to that email address.

Note: iCapture DOES NOT email the winners that were selected.

Pick a winner does a random draw based on the total number of captures then returns the data associated with the winning capture. iCapture does not do data de-duplication. If you do not want duplicates, notify people only one entry per person and validate your winners against the Back Office.

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