iCapture’s Business Card capture delivers highly accurate, transcribed business card data. Our cards are human read, offering a superior result to simple OCRs. To make sure you are getting the best data possible, you must take care that images being sent for transcription are clear and legible.

Tips for taking good pictures for you business card captures

When capturing the images of the actual business card keep the following best practices in mind. Failing to do so could result in a capture not being able to be transcribed. iCapture offers a feature to verify business card captures prior to them be processed to your integration(s).

  • Be sure the card is in focus. If the preview of the card is out of focus, delete and retake the capture again. Use a capture that can be easily read.
  • Be sure the card is close enough to be read. Fill the screen as much as possible.
  • Try to ensure that there are no shadows on the image.
  • Make sure all card information is visible, being careful not to cover important data with your fingers, lanyards etc.
  • Capture the card on a flat surface.
  • Capture the card in the correct orientation. Landscape for horizontal cards, Portrait for vertical cards
  • Be sure that only ONE card is included in the image. If multiple cards are present it will create conflicting data during the transcription process and will result in a failed transcription.

Examples of poor business card captures

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