Follow the steps in this article to first set up the connection to Mailchimp and then set it up the connection in a questionnaire using a list assignment. If the Mailchimp login has already been added to your iCapture Account, skip down to Adding List Assignment to your Questionnaire.

Connecting iCapture to Mailchimp

  1. Log in to your Back Office
  2. Click My Account
  3. Click Integrations
  4. Click on Setup a New Integration
  5. Name the Integration Account and select "Mailchimp" in the "Select Your Integration/Service Provider" and click Submit and Continue
  6. Click on the link Click Here to go to the Mailchimp Website
  7. On the Mailchimp website login with your username and password
  8. Follow the remaining directions on the screen.

When you return to the iCapture Back Office, you should see the integration listed on the Integrations page.

Adding List Assignment to your Questionnaire

Now that the integration has been created, you must now set your list assignment and map your data in order for your data to been sent to MailChimp. 

Note: This needs to be set on a Questionnaire before captures are submitted from a device in order for the captures to flow into Mailchimp automatically while capturing. If captures are needing to be sent to Mailchimp after they have been submitted to the iCapture Back Office, set up the list assignment on the questionnaire using the instructions below and then contact support at 

Follow these instructions to add the list assignment to your questionnaire:

  1. Click on the name of the questionnaire from your iCapture Back Office home page
  2. Click on Edit Questionnaire
  3. Click on the Integrations tab
  4. Under Send Captures to your Integration, select the name of your integration from the list and click Add List Assignment
  5. Select the Mailchimp list you would like to send all captures to
  6. Select the Subscribe Status you would like to set for these captures
  7. Click on Continue
  8. On the next page, if desired, select a grouping for the captures
  9. Click on Select Grouping to complete the list assignment set up.

The list should now show in the List Assignments - All Captures section. To edit the field mapping for this List Assignment, click on Map Data Fields.

The Map Data Fields page allows fields from the questionnaire to be mapped to the Contact fields in Mailchimp. Click and drag the Merge Fields from the left side to the specific contact field you'd like to submit to on the right side.

Click on Save Field Mappings to save changes and go back to the Integration page.

The List Assignment is now active on this questionnaire and will send any new captures through to Mailchimp. If any captures were submitted to the Back Office before adding the list assignment and you would like them submitted to Mailchimp, contact support at to get those captures submitted through the integration.

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