Errors with State field

Error: "There's a problem with this state, even though it may appear correct. Please select a state from the list of valid states.: State/Province" in your Salesforce integration error log. Errors that appear in the log are what is returned to iCapture from Salesforce. Generally, this happens with an incorrect setting in the State field in Salesforce.

Refer to the following resources on the Salesforce help website for help in resolving the issue.

We recommend passing a zip code in for U.S. addresses and setting up a function to automatically set the State via an internal Salesforce process if you are unable to resolve the issue.

Errors with Restricted Pick Lists

The Salesforce API does not allow users to load or removes values for fields that a 'restrictedPicklist'. If you receive errors or are trying to map data fields to a Restricted Pick List ensure that the Salesforce integration was created using Admin credentials.

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