Be sure to add a List Assignment to your questionnaire. List assignments must be made BEFORE data is captured in order for us to push your captured data directly to Constant Contact.

  1. Log in to your Back Office
  2. Click Manage account at the top right
  3. Click "My Integrations"
  4. Click on "Click Here to Setup a New Integration"
  5. Name the Integration Account and select "Constant Contact" in the "Select Your Integration/Service Provider" and click "Submit and Continue"
  6. Follow the steps to connect to Constant Contact. You'll need the Constant Contact login credentials and you will have to grant us access
  7. Return to your Questionnaire and click on the Send Data to Integration tab in step 1. Select your Constant Contact integration and click "Add List Assignment"
  8. Choose your List

If these steps are all complete, be sure you have uploaded your captures off your tablet, There are a couple of reasons you might see a difference in the number of captures sent from the app and the actual numbers in your Constant Contact list.

  • Constant Contact de-duplicates by email address. So, if those captured contacts already existed in that Constant Contact list, they would not be added again.
  • There must be an email address included for the contact to be sent to Constant Contact. If someone added their name, iCapture would recognize it as a "Capture" but if they walked away or hit Main Menu without adding their email address, they would not be added to your Constant Contact list.
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