If you are using the Pick-A-Winner feature on your device you need to be aware of the following:

  • The success of using this feature is absolutely dependent on your device not making an internet connection before the end of your show or the data will push to your iCapture Back Office.
  • The winner can only be picked from the pool of captures on that individual device for that questionnaire
  • If multiple devices are needed, then you must use Pick A Winner in the iCapture Back Office.
  • iCapture support needs to add the Pick-A-Winner DEVICE only question as the first question of the questionnaire prior to data capture.

To Pick-A-Winner on a device do the following.

  1. After completing all of your captures close the questionnaire
  2. Relaunch your questionnaire.  
  3. This process will only show when you first start of the questionnaire.  Note: You must not make an internet connection while capturing or the final contact pool will be inaccurate
  4. Touch screen to enter your questionnaire.
  5. Tap "processing" 5 times with your finger.
  6. Where it says "Pick a Winner, enter 4 "7's" (7777)
  7. Click the Button for "Pick a Winner Now"
  8. If you need to pick an additional winner click "Pick a Winner Now" again
  9. Take down the information shown as it will not be stored anywhere.
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