Know your badge provider

In order to set up your badge scanning, you must know who the show provider is. Exhibitor materials or event organizers can help you discover  this information.

Order a Developer Kit

The developer kit is the key to setting up the badge correctly. Developer kits contain vital information needed to complete set up and is how iCapture is able to access proprietary badge data.

Your show lead retrieval order form may contain Developer Kit ordering information. If it does not, email the info below directly to the lead retrieval company:

We are exhibiting at your event and have our own lead capture system. Please let me know which of the following developer's kit options you have available for us to purchase.

  • API for real-time access
  • Post show data download/reconciliation
  • Sample badge

Data Access methods

Your developer kit with give you information on the way that iCapture can access badge data. There are 3 options:

  • API
  • Sample Badge with mappings
  • Post-show data merge

Be sure to have this information when setting up your badge scanning

Provider Specific set up

Each badge provider has a unique set up process. Don’t worry, we’ll help! When you select your badge provider and access method from the Contact Capture container during set up, we will give you the provider specific information you need to complete set up.

Don’t Know your Provider or its not listed

No problem.  You can select either Unknown or Other as your badge provider. This will trigger a support ticket to iCapture and we will step in with more information.

Special Circumstances

With dozens of show badge providers in the market, the options are endless. If there are special circumstances with your show provider, iCapture can help!  Follow the information provided during the set-up process or reach out to us for help.

Contact us

Have questions, need your badge mapped, unsure who your provider is? Just reach out. We’re happy to help. Email us at

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