Setup the initial integration to Act-On

If you want to have all captures automatically sent to Act-On, you'll need to take the following steps to setup the initial integration

Log in to your Back Office
Click My Account at the top of the page
Click IntegrationsClick on Setup a New Integration

Name the Integration Account and select "Act-On" in the "Select Your Integration/Service Provider" and click Submit and Continue

On the following page you will see the following.

Click the link to finish the integration setup.

Create your list assignment

Return to the Questionnaire Overview page and click on Edit Questionnaire to enter the questionnaire builder. Click on Integrations at the top of the page

In the Click Here to Select Integration drop-down select your Act-On integration and click Add List Assignment

Select your actions from the pop up window.

Click Create List Assignment
: List assignments must be done prior to capturing data!

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