Can iCapture Scan a Trade Show Badge?

iCapture's PowerScan app allows you to scan tradeshow badges quickly, even offline, using your iPhone, iPad or Android device. 

iCapture can help you test tradeshow badges prior to your event, to ensure you are getting the most accurate data, and fields are populating correctly into a spreadsheet or your CRM system.

If your show is offering a lead retrieval system: iCapture has built systems to automatically align with the top badge providers so you can seamlessly go from show to show, using your mobile device, to access valuable data faster and easier. iCapture can help you determine what data will be embedded in the badge code and how best to use our system in conjunction with any lead management system to extract the data.

If your show does not offer lead retrieval: iCapture can quickly scan unencrypted codes and organize the data into appropriate fields.

The iCapture app gives you the power to automatically extract all badge data and combine data from multiple devices into one organized spreadsheet. Access your spreadsheet at any time via your iCapture login.Use multiple devices, scan anywhere, and cut your scanner rental costs.