Download the iCapture App to Your Device

After you have created your questionnaire you will need to download the iCapture app and install the questionnaire on the device. Currently we have 3 different versions of iCapture. Each one is listed below with a brief description. 

iCapture for Constant Contact

This is the version of the app for our Constant Contact customers who want to use the name and email only questionnaire. With this version of the app you are limited in the following ways.

  • You can capture a name and email address only
  • You can capture on one device only
  • You can send the data to one list in your Constant Contact account
  • The questionnaire will be branded to iCapture and Constant Contact on your tablet

If you want to add your own logo or capture more information you will need to use one of our paid subscriptions.

iCapture - Mobile Lead Capture, Surveys and Email & Offline Data Collection Forms

This is the version of the app that users who have signed up for a Basic or Pro plan will want to be using. With this app you are not limited in any ways.

iCapture PowerScan

This is the version of the app that users who are using the Power plan will want to be using. PowerScan has been designed so you can quickly snap a business card or trade show badge.

You can download any of these versions from the following locations depending on the type of device you are using.


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