Getting Started Guide

Welcome to iCapture!

Want a powerful, convenient way to capture lead data? Need to capture email addresses to build your email marketing? Conducting a survey and want your results instantly organized and ready for use?

Discover how iCapture can do all of this and more for your business!


  1. You SET UP your custom questionnaire. Choose from our rapid response questions to gather data you need to grow your business, or create your own. Upload logos and build brand awareness. Install on your tablet or smartphone.
  2. Go CAPTURE! Quick, easy, user friendly interface allows for large volume data capture or personal interaction. Eliminates gathering business cards in a fishbowl or deciphering handwritten lists. Simply place your tablet or phone in the hands of your contact, and in one minute or less their data is captured!
  3. See your data in ACTION. iCapture will work behind the scenes, putting your captured data to work for you. Need your data sent to a CRM? Auto-reply emails? Forward info to your Sales Team? Tell us how you want to use your data, and we make it happen AUTOMATICALLY.

In the Getting Started Guide we will go over the entire process from sign up to retrieving your data. 

Let's Go!