How to activate additional licenses

If you need to add additional licenses to your plan you can do so in the back office. You have the option to add them for just a month or for the remaining time of your annual plan. 

  1. Login to your iCapture Back Office
  2. Click on Manage Account at the top of the page
  3. Under "My Account Status" click to select a plan
  4. Click "Add More Devices"
  5. Select the number devices you would like to either on an annual basis or monthly. If you are currently on a monthly device license you will only get the option for a single month device license.
  6. Click Add Devices to this Plan
  7. Enter the billing information for your card
  8. Click "Enter Payment Info" to move to the next screen
  9. Select your card Type
  10. Enter your card number
  11. Enter the expiration date
  12. Enter the CVV code from your card
  13. Click "Complete Purchase"