How to Create a Theme

To create a custom theme, first log into your iCapture Back Office:

  1. Click on the "Design Center" tab (If you are still in Free Trial Mode, click to access the Design Center)
  2. Click "Manage" next to the header Themes
  3. Click "Create New Theme"
  4. Name your theme something you can identify easily for future reference.
  5. Set the background color to virtually any color you need. After setting your background color, we recommend adjusting the color of the buttons and text to create an appealing design.
  6. Click in the "color square" to select any color you might need. For the exact color matching your brand, enter the "HEX" value (#F2F3F4).
  7. If desired, you can upload your own background image in place of a solid colored background. You can also select from a background in our library of background images.
  8. The background overlay is used to lighten or darken the background image. If you have a background image with many colors, we recommend "softening" the image with the background overlay. This will create a better user experience and allow them to more easily view the buttons on the screen for data entry.
  9. The background overlay transparency gives you control over the "screen" that softens your background image. We recommend selecting different percentages to see what looks best in the preview window to the right.
  10. You can upload your logo and add custom text to create a branded look. We recommend positioning it to the bottom right corner because it will be displayed larger than if positioned in the bottom center.
  11. Choose the colors of the buttons, text, outline, etc to complete your custom look