Multi-Language Questionnaire - Latin Alphabet

With iCapture you can natively create your questions in any Latin based language.  We have recently added support for non-Latin alphabets as well.

You are also able to customize the following button text using the Change Button Text - Multi-Lingual. 

  • NEXT
  • BKSP
  • SKIP
  • Thank You
  • Timeout
  • Timeout Yes
  • Timeout No

To change the text of any of the above buttons do the following:

  1. Login into your iCapture Back Office
  2. In Step 1 of your questionnaire under Edit Fields&Questions scroll down to "Additional Options" and click Other Features and add the question type "Change Button Text - Multi Lingual".
    ​​​Note: You will need to make this Question 1 in your questionnaire for it to work correctly
  3. Next to Custom Button Text - English click on edit to make changes 
  4. Change the button text as you wish. Leave the &gt;&gt; and &lt;&lt; in the same locations as they are the << and >> symbols on the button.
  5. Once all your changes are made Click on Submit and Return to Questionnaire
  6. You will need to re-install the questionnaire on any devices that is installed in order to update the new wording.  

See the tutorial "Multi Language Questionnaire - International Character Alphabets" for how to use international keyboards to create your layout and capture.