How to Setup ACTION NOW! Emails

ACTION NOW! emails are forwarded to one or more email address automatically.

Part 1: To setup ACTION NOW! emails, first log into your iCapture Back Office:

  1. Click step 1 of your questionnaire to Edit
  2. Click the "Data Forwarding" tab in the Setup timeline
  3. Click the "Create New ACTION NOW! Email Template" button
  4. Give the action a name (ie. Trade Show 2015 ACTION NOW)
  5. Name your action and select the action type "Forward Each Capture via Email"
  6. Click "Create Action and Setup"
  7. Edit the email to, cc and bcc address options
  8. Add your email subject 
  9. Click "Save Settings and Return to Actions Menu".
  10. (Optional) You can assign a rule to run when a capture is made. For more information see How to Setup and Assign a rule.

At this point your ACTION NOW! is active and will begin forwarding emails immediately. If you are not ready to start forwarding emails, simply click the Inactivate button. Click activate when you are ready for emails to begin forwarding. You can easily identify if a ACTION NOW! is active or not by looking at the colored square to the left of the action name. Green box is active and Red box is inactive.

Note: ACTION NOW! emails will not be sent to any captures that were received before the ACTION NOW!  email was created or while it is not in active status.