How to Setup Document Delivery

iCapture's Power Plan allows you to setup document delivery to send HTML links in your HTML Auto-Reply emails.

To use iCapture's Document Delivery do the following:

Step 1 - Upload your PDF documents to your iCapture Back Office
  1. Login to your iCapture Back Office
  2. Click on Manage Account
  3. Click on My Uploaded Documents and Links
  4. Click on Add New Doc
  5. Select to either Upload a PDF or Save Web Document Link
  6. Name the document or link and save

You will now see your links at the bottom of the page listed under uploaded PDF Documents or Save Document/Website Links

Step 2 - Add a multiple choice question and set your options
  1. Click Multiple Choice - Select Multiple 
  2. Edit your answers and click the Show Document Link button
  3. Edit your answers and select the document link you created in Step 1 for each answer. You may add a link to a website here as well.

Step 3 - Setup your HTML auto-reply email

Once you have your links set up for specific answers, you can set up your HTML Auto Reply emails. See related articles for instructions

You will want to drag the "All Selected Documents Links" field into your email template. This is what will add the HTML links to your email.


During the capture you select Product A and Product C it will look similar to this.
When the resulting Auto-Reply email is sent it will look like this:

Both HTML links are active and can be clicked from your email without having to have the long URL.