How To Use A Bluetooth Keyboard With iCapture

If you would like to use a Bluetooth keyboard with iCapture there are some changes that need to be done on the app and in your questionnaire.

Step 1: Change the iCapture app to use the device keyboard.

Note: Changing the app to use the device keyboard will present a standard keyboard for all data input. The specialized device keyboard (email entry, zip-code, phone number entry)will no longer present itself when entering data.

  1. Launch the iCapture app
  2. Touch Options and then Keyboard Settings
  3. Change the Keyboard Style from On-Screen to Device
  4. Touch the 3 horizontal lines in the top left to return to the Main Menu

Step 2: Use the Multi-Field Screen question type for collecting information. The Multi-Field screens were developed to be used with the device keyboard. All of the fields are visible when the keyboard appears on the device so you are able to enter all of the data without having to hide the keyboard to move to the next field.