Multi-Language Questionnaire - International Character Alphabets

iCapture will natively operate in any Latin based language, like English, Spanish or French.  

Recently we have added support for all international language alphabets like Chinese, German, Korean, Russian, etc.  This will require switching the keyboard to the desired language as you create your questionnaire.  This will also require installing the proper alphabet keyboard on your individual devices so it can be accessed using the “Globe/World” icon on the device keyboard.  Once the keyboards are set up for entry, iCapture can record any character format added.

                               iPad installed World keyboards icon

                           Android installed World keyboards icon

To setup a multi-language questionnaire with International alphabet

A)  iCapture Back Office Questionnaire Setup.

    1)  Setup a multiple choice question asking “What is your native language?” or something to that effect.  Set the answers to the values needed.  EX: English, Chinese, Russian, Deutsche, etc.  You may have to switch from a Latin to International alphabet keyboard to enter the proper characters and represent additional language alphabets.  Just know that the language being used on the keyboard will save to your iCapture questionnaire.   For more information, see your computer's Operating System instructions for creating international alphabet characters.

    2)  Setup all questions of your questionnaire in the default language.  For example English.

    3)  Setup a duplicate set of questions as the English questions.  This time create them using the international language alphabet needed.  In the question's “Comment Text”, you may want to provide an instruction to touch the “Globe/World” icon to switch the alphabet.  Repeat this process for each language required until you have a set for each answer in your first multiple choice question.

    4)  Add the “Custom Button Text - Multi Lingual” question type as the 1st question above the international language questions.  This can be found by scrolling down to the section “Additional Options” and clicking “Other Features”.  You will need to add one of these for each set of international language questions and have it placed in the first position above the questions.  If you click “Edit” next to this question, you can change the language on the buttons that appear in iCapture.  See the section on Multi-Language Questionnaire for more setup information.

    5)  Assign skip logic to each set of international language questions including the “Custom Button Text - Multi-Lingual”.  Click the grey branching icon next to the international language question.  In the first drop down, choose your dependent question.  In this instance, Q1 - What is your Native Language?.  For the second dropdown choose the answer choice.  In this instance it will be the first of our international languages as “Selected”.  Save and then repeat this step for each international language question of the survey.  This will insure that, for example, when Chinese is selected, only the Chinese questions are seen.  See the knowledge base article Skip Logic for more setup information.

Once complete, we should be ready to install to our device and capture.

B)  iCapture App / Device setup

    1)  First add the international alphabet keyboards to your device.  

    iOS - Settings >> General >> Keyboard >> Keyboards >> Add New Keyboard >> Choose the keyboards you need available.  This will install the character language in your iPad Library.  You can now see them under the “Globe” icon on the device keyboard.

    Android - Apps drawer >> Settings >> Language & Input >> Next to Android Keyboard (AOSP) touch Settings Icon >> Input Languages >> Choose the keyboards you need available.  This will install the character language in your Android Library.  You can now see them under the “World” icon on the device keyboard.

    2)  Launch iCapture and enable the Device Keyboard.  Touch Options >> Keyboard Settings >> Device Keyboard.  This will give you access to your device keyboard over the iCapture on screen keyboards. 

    3)  Launch your questionnaire.  When your customer chooses the answer for a language other than English, they will be taken to the set of questions in the native language.  They will then need to touch the “Globe/World” icon to select the proper keyboard for international characters. 

C)  Important note:

    1)  iCapture will only record the data as it is entered.  Any translation of the setup or captured data will be the responsibility of the person capturing the data recorded.

    2)  Business card capture transcription will recognize any English language format for Name, Company Name, Phone number, Email Address and Mailing address.  With international business cards we find that email and phone are the most universal formats and will typically be transcribed.  If any other information shows up in a non English alphabet, you will want to select our Verify Each Biz Card Transcription function in the Business Card Capture question in your iCapture Back Office.  This will let you verify, translate and update the card information before we submit to your finished spreadsheet or WebForm integration.