How to Setup and Assign a rule

You can create a rule and have it triggered based off of an answer of a multiple choice question or to every capture received. The rule can be assigned to either a Auto-Reply email or an ACTION NOW! email.

To setup a rule, do the following:

  1. Click either the "Auto Reply Email" or "Data Forwarding" tab in the Setup timeline for where you want to create the rule.
  2. Click "assign rule" next to the template you want to have a rule.
  3. In the "Assign Rule to Action" dialog select a rule or click "View All Rules/Create New Rule" button
  4. Name your rule in the Rule Name something that works for you, relating to the answer/action
  5. Next you can setup a rules based off of a set of IN and NOT IN statements. Create the Rule as IN and click the box, select the Multiple choice answer that you want to trigger the rule
  6. Click "Submit New Rule"
  7. Click "Return to Assign ... Rule"
  8. In the Select a Rule options dropdown, select the rule you created and click "Assign Rule"
To have multiple emails sent create multiple rules for each answer selected.