Summary Text of previous answer - Setup using a multi-field screen container

We have a multi field screen container function that will allow you to create a summary of all previous questions.  This will only summarize all questions that show previous to this summary and outside the summary container.

1)  To create this, login to your iCapture Back Office and click Step 1 "Setup" on your questionnaire timeline.

2)  Click "Create New Multi-Field Screen".

3)  In this container, you will want to add the question type "Summary Text of Previous Answer" for each answer value you need to map.   

4)  Then click edit next to each and select the data you want to show in the summary from the drop down.  

5)  Click Submit and Return to Questionnaire to save the setting for each.

6)  Make sure to add a continue button at the bottom of your container to advance the capture to completion.

This will now give you your review screen before you submit the capture.

Here is more on how to setup a multi field screen container.