Troubleshoot Integrations>>Data Sent to Integration Tab>>View Log / Errors

In the event that our data is not exporting to our integration properly, we will want to click the “View Log / Errors” button. 

This can be found in the Send Data to Integration tab. 

This can also be found by clicking on Timeline Step 4 “Retrieve Data” and then on the “Data Sent to Integrations” tab.  

Clicking "View Log / Errors" will show us a record of the last 25 captures separated into an “Errors” list and a “Success Send Log” list. If we see an error message, it will show us what error is being reported under the header "Error Message".

Click the Blue link that says "View Fields" to check on the details of the capture and see if any data looks out of the ordinary or confirm if it is missing.

When we identify the error, we will need to click Send Data to Integration Tab Under Step 1 "Setup".  Then Click Map Data Fields and re-map the data.

Drag the merge field (question button on the left) to the integration field (corresponding field on the right) to map your data.  The button on the left will show green for all fields that have a current mapping.  When finished click "Submit Field Mapping".

Once your data has been mapped properly, run a test capture ans check to see if your data is ending up in the appropriate filed in your integration.  All captures going forward will send properly to your integration.