iCapture users have the ability to verify business card data before downloading your spreadsheet, triggering automated emails or pushing to a CRM. In order to use the Business Card Verification requires that you first enable the feature in your questionnaire and second verify and submit your captures. If the verification is turned on, you must review and submit every card that is captured.

Note: Verifying business card transcriptions is highly recommended for non-English language business cards.

Step 1: Enable Business Card Verification in your questionnaire

  1. Add the Business Card question to your questionnaire
  2. Click Edit next to the Business Card question in Step 1 of your questionnaire timeline
  3. Set the Verify Each Biz Card Transcription option to YES
  4. Click on Submit and Return to Questionnaire

Step 2: Verify the transcribed data of your business card captures

  1. Click on Step 1 of your questionnaire timeline
  2. Click the Click Here for Biz Card Verification
  3. Clicking each line will display the image of the card and the data transcribed
  4. Add/Edit the data then click Submit
  5. Each card transcriptions must be verified before the data is submitted for post capture actions (auto reply emails, send to integrations, etc)

Business cards will show in the list for verification as they are transcribed. Transcription can take up to 1 hour, but generally the data is returned sooner than that.

This feature is available on the following plans:

  • PowerScan Lite
  • PowerScan X
  • Enterprise Power
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